Gather ‘Round for Goulish Sights and Sounds!

This has been a tough year in many ways, but we can’t let that stop us from celebrating. And what better way to revel in Halloween than with spooky (and silly) poems? You’re right… there is no better way!

You’ll find a couple of new arrivals. There’s a pleasantly poignant song parody called “My Last Halloween,” which you might enjoy if you’re teetering on the edge of teenhood. Or if you’re a parent of somebody like that. Or if you just like Green Day.

And then there’s “The Tomb of the Untold Story.” I’d like to tell you all about this one but that’s impossible. I wouldn’t know where to start. Read it for yourself, if you dare.

In any case, have a safe and scary night out there on the shadowy streets. Trick, treat, and live to tell the tale. Thanks for joining us!

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Welcome Back, Frighteners and Frightenees!

A real live monster, Hurricane Sandy, forced many of us to postpone Halloween until today. The storm brought serious trouble, or worse, into the lives of many people, and I don’t want to pretend that poems and jokes can solve all those problems. But if you’re feeling the effects of the hurricane and need a little break, a little fun, well — enjoy a few belated Halloween verses on me. I’m glad to do it.

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Welcome Back, Fans of the Fearsome!

When it comes to Halloween, a poet’s work is never done. A vast number of creatures, crazies, and coagulating clouds of calamity are still waiting to appear on this site. BUT, we do have one newly arrived poem: The Curse of the Liverwurst. You’ll see its page link above with the others now.

We also had a recent run-in with the Half Man and, based on that encounter, we decided to update his poem. But listen… it’s still a bit more gruesome than the other poems here. If you don’t like that kind of stuff, feel free to avoid the Half Man. We won’t hold it against you.

To returning readers, welcome back and enjoy what’s been added. To new visitors, a hearty welcome as well. Most of all, Happy Halloween!

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Welcome, Fans of the Frightful!

Our site will soon be crowded with veddy skeddy poems, all about creatures, kooks, and crazy contraptions. Right now, we have three for your enjoyment. They feature the evil machine in your basement, the Half Man (who’s name says it all), and the old lady who gives out nothing but green beans on Halloween. Soon, veddy soon, you will experience much more: hairy shadows, cursed liverwurst, and other invasions from the dark side. Please continue to check back… or we will show you the true meaning of fear!

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